Where Does The Money Go?

Children’s Safety: Extensive background investigation is conducted on each and every person applying to be a mentor --  whether face-to-face mentoring or email mentoring.  The steps include:

  • On-line Internet-based application
  • Welcome kit mailed (instructions for fingerprinting and tuberculin screening)
  • FBI criminal investigation
  • Three (3) personal references checked
  • Driving record checked for DUIs
  • Proof of valid drivers license
  • Proof of auto insurance

Database: A database of all mentor applicants is maintained and a status is set when they are cleared and ready to serve as a mentor.  At this point mentor program operators in all parts of the country can access the database, with the proper ID and password, via an Internet connection to www.beamentor.org and select cleared applicants for a personal interview and to be matched with a child.

Marketing and Mentor Recruitment: Counter display stands and message cards, with the message "Mentors Make a Difference...Be one", are distributed in the local area surrounding each participating mentor program in their home State and City.  The cards are business card size and have a much longer shelf life than a sheet of paper flyer.  The stands and cards drive those interested in mentoring to the http://www.beamentor.org website where they begin the application and background clearance process.

As this funding campaign succeeds and money is available a second marketing strategy will be employed.  Radio and TV talk shows, broadcasting in areas surrounding participating mentor programs, will be used to explain mentoring and encourage and motivate viewers and listeners to access the http://www.beamentor.org website and complete an application to become a mentor. This also will begin the background clearance process.

Training and Program Management: Be A Mentor Program keeps mentor training and program management materials fresh and up to date.  Materials can be downloaded from http://www.beamentor.org website by participating mentor programs.   Be A Mentor Program staff serve as a consulting resource for participating mentor programs.  Additionally, the Be A Mentor Program develops and manages mentor programs of its own.

Proper training of mentors is critical to the success of any mentor program.  Well-meaning adults sometimes want to mentor for the wrong reasons.  Anyone who thinks he or she can "Fix" a kid or would like to be appreciated for his or her effort, should spend their time doing something else.   It is important to teach adult mentors to be listeners, and to be a guide and a coach; and not issue directives.