Youth Support Program (YSP)

100% of the mentees receive academic help from their mentors. 50% of the students received all 3s (satisfactory) and 4s (excellent) in their habits of work grades, and an additional 20% made improvements towards that goal.
Project Overview:
Location: Berkeley, California. YSP (Youth Support Program) is a model mentoring program that consistently ranks at and above national mentoring standards. In order to foster strong relationships, our mentors are asked to make a full year commitment to the program (2 semesters), and mentor-mentee pairs meet for four hours each week. Ninety six percent of our matches last for the entire year or more. These rigorous standards place YSP as one of the top performing mentoring programs in the nation.
Project Coordinators:
Gabriela Navarro Email: (510) 644-6228
Zayra Jarillo Email: (510) 795-6488xx104