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Partnering with Be A Mentor Program

Be A Mentor Program has partnered many times with schools and communities by writing grants that fund mentoring projects. Sometimes schools and communities write grants that include a mentoring component. Be A Mentor Program can play a subcontract role when the school or community initiates the grant. Be A Mentor Program also identifies grant opportunities for mentoring, authors grant proposals, and invites schools and communities to participate when interest has been expressed.

Some of the ways to be involved with Be A Mentor Program include:

  • Manage your own mentor recruitment campaign and use the 888-Be a Mentor phone number and website and recruitment materials to attract volunteers.

  • Contract Be A Mentor Program to manage a recruitment campaign and refer cleared mentors to your project..

  • Contract Be A Mentor Program to train project managers and mentors OR have Be A Mentor Program train the trainers.

  • Contract Be A Mentor Program to provide technical support for new or existing mentor projects.

Fee Schedule

We will custom design a project to fit your school or community's needs. Give us a call and let's discuss a mentoring project.

Robert Goetsch
Executive Director
Phone (510) 795 6488 ext 6172



Technical Support
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