What Does Mentoring Cost?

Mentoring transforms kids who have been neglected and abused, and who feel hopeless in a world of endless opportunity, into productive, contributing citizens aspiring for the American Dream.  Unfortunately, there is not enough money from the Federal Government, State Governments, or from private sources to allow this great work to be accomplished

The table below illustrates the average cost of running a program to match 100 kids each with a mentor.  Most of the costs are labor.  The project manager interviews all of the mentors, all of the youth, matches the appropriate mentor with right kid, monitors the match to make sure it is working for both the mentor and the mentee, is the sounding board for relationship problems between mentor and mentee, and supervises all group events.  All mentors must undergo a stringent background investigation to assure the safety of each child matched with a mentor.  Then all mentors must go through an initial training, for which curricula must be kept fresh and up to date.  And periodic trainings are held as refresher courses and roundtable discussions for the mentors.  And then there are normal operating expenses for such items as rent, phone, and supplies.

Budget Item


Project Manager/Operator $  47,000
Mentor Training     22,000
Mentor Recruitment     30,500
Background Investigation of Mentors     30,000
Rent       7,500
Website and Computer Maintenance       8,200
Phone       4,800
Marketing Materials/Office Supplies       5,700
                 Total $155,700
Average cost per match (100 matches) $1,557

So... The average cost for one child being matched with one mentor is $1,557.  Will you support one child with a mentor? 

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