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Welcome To The Future of Volunteer Management. Now.

When whole communities collaborate, an efficient and cost effective and centralized volunteer and mentoring system can be established.

Community is defined as a District, City, County, or State where there is common interest in providing the children and youth with the connection to caring adults.

The centralized Volunteer Management System (VMS) provides a single voice to the community and to businesses for the purpose of recruiting volunteers for schools or for mentors and eliminates redundancy of administrative tasks such as background screening & clearance, training and training scheduling, and project tracking and data collection.

You can view the model at the links above. Keep in mind that the Diagram Model has 10 embedded links for more detailed explanation.

If you have questions or would like further discussion as to implementing a centralized system in your community, please contact me.

Robert Goetsch
Be A Mentor, Inc.
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